Meet Our Staff

Dr. Erica Bushaw

Dr. Erica Bushaw, PharmD University of Iowa 2007, has been the owner of Oelwein Family Pharmacy since 2014. Erica and her husband, Travis, live in Oelwein with their children Jaxson & Adelia.

Dr. Caitlin Reinking

Dr. Caitlin Reinking, 2013 PharmD University of Iowa, has been with Oelwein Family Pharmacy since January 2016. Caitlin and her husband, Jordan live in Fayette with their sons Wyatt & Henry.

Dr. Leeta Votsmier

Dr. Leeta Votsmier, 2018 PharmD University of Iowa, did a rotation at Oelwein Family Pharmacy as a pharmacy student and was hired shortly after in June of 2018. Leeta and her husband, Scott, live in Waukon.